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Managing Projects using Microsoft Project Server 2010


This course is intended for Project Managers, Project Schedulers, Managers, Supervisors, Team Leads, Consultants and other people responsible for managing projects. These individuals are involved in or responsible for scheduling, estimating, coordinating, controlling, budgeting and staffing of projects and supporting other users of Microsoft Project Server 2010.


Overview of the Project Server Environment

  • Introduction to Project Server
  • Components of Project Server
  • Overview of Project Server Settings
  • Overview of Project Web App 
Creating and Managing Project Schedules
  • Creating a New Schedule - Project Professional
  • Creating a New Schedule - Project Web App
  • Managing Project Permissions
 Working with Project Sites
  • Managing Documents
  • Managing Risks and Issues
  • Managing Risks and Issues
  • Managing Team Features
 Creating Enterprise Resources
  • Overview of Enterprise Resources
  • Creating Enterprise Resources
  • Defining Enterprise Resources
Assigning and Working Resources
  • Assigning Resources using Project Web App
  • Assigning Resources using Project Pro 2010
  • Working with Resource Options
  • Managing Overallocations
  • Managing Out of Office Situations
Advanced Task Assignment Options
  • Managing Delegation
  • Managing Team Tasks
  • Managing Tasks by Team Members
Finalizing and Tracking Project Schedules
  • Setting a Project Baseline
  • Overview of Tracking Methods
  • Updating Time Progress Manually
Tracking Task Progress
  • Working with Task Status
  • Approving Task Updates
Updating Time Progress with Timesheets
  • Managing Timesheet Settings
  • Working with Timesheets
  • Approving Reported Progress on Timesheets
Working with Reports and Dashboards
  • Working with Business Intelligence Center
  • Creating Custom Reports Using Excel
  • Working with Dashboards
Creating Master Projects/Programs
  • Inserting Projects into a Master Project
  • Using Cross-Project Links
  • Viewing Critical Path Options
Customizing Project Web App
  • Managing Views in PWA
  • Managing Groups and Filters
  • Customizing the Look and Feel PWA
  • Managing Custom Fields

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