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ExtremeXOS: Extreme Networks Specialist (ENS) - Accelerated ENSA-300


Authorized Extreme Networks Trainer

This accelerated ENS certifcation course includes the following content from the four ENS Level ExtremeXOS courses:

  1. ExtremeXOS: Implementing Advanced OSPF Networks(EIAO)
    • OSPF Confguration Review
    • Advanced OSPF Concepts
    • Confguring OSPF Stub Areas
    • Confguring OSPF Virtual Links
    • Confguring Route Summarization and ECMP
    • Confguring Route Redistribution
    • Routing Policies
    • OSPF Troubleshooting Guidelines
  2. ExtremeXOS: Implementing Redundant Networks (EIRN)   
    • Redundant Networks and Ports
    • Confguring Redundancy Using Spanning Tree
    • Confguring Multiple Spanning Tree
    • Ethernet Automatic Protection Switching (EAPS)
    • Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol
  3. ExtremeXOS: Implementing Multicast Routing (EIMR)
    • Introduction to IP Multicasting
    • Internet Group Management Protocol
    • IP Multicast Routing Principles
    • Protocol Independent Multicast – Dense Mode
    • Protocol Independent Multicast – Sparse Mode
  4. ExtremeXOS: Implementing Advanced Security (EIAS)
    • Security and Traffc Engineering
    • Access Control Lists (ACLs) and Policies
    • sFlow

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Kursas 5 dienos Krokuva, Varšuva

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Extreme Networks ENA Level certifcation or equivalent skills and experience. Solid theoretical and practical understanding of networking basics, including: TCP/IP addressing/ subnet masks, bridging, switching protocols, and other LAN fundamentals. Hands on experience installing, confguring, and troubleshooting Extreme Networks switches. One year experience as an administrator confguring and supporting switches and networks.

Generally speaking because the course is foreseen for advanced and experienced engineers, configuration and debugging skills are not only welcomed but they are a must. Note that passing ENS exam requires not only a perfect knowledge of theory but also configuration skills. These could not be achieved only during courses, but you need to practice yourself.

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