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ExtremeXOS: Operation and Configuration EXOC-200


Authorized Extreme Networks Trainer

The ExtremeXOS Operation and Confguration training (EXOC-200)   class provides instructor-led lectures and extensive laboratory exercises. This course presents the concepts and skills required to deploy the Extreme Networks products as Layer-2 switches and as wire-speed Layer-3 routers in a variety of network situations. The course focus is on device management, Layer-2 configuration, Layer-3 configuration for IP networks using static routes, RIP, and OSPF, universal port, and basic troubleshooting. The course also presents an overview of the ExtremeXOS software feature set.

This course is based on Extreme XOS™ 12.1. This course is designed for individuals responsible for the configuration, management, maintenance, and support of the Extreme Networks family of LAN switches.


  1. Extreme Networks Product Overview.
  2. CLI Switch Management and Security.
  3. Management access configuration, navigation through the command interface, saving switch configuration.
  4. Configure Layer 1 and Layer 2 networking features.
  5. ExtremeXOS Stacking.
  6. VLAN Configuration.
  7. Configure a network using the Spanning Tree Protocol.
  8. Configure a network using Ethernet Automatic Protection Switching (EAPS).
  9. Configure Layer 3 routing.
  10. Configuring RIP.
  11. Configuring OSPF.
  12. Configure Network Login to use MAC-based authentication.
  13. Describe and configure Universal Port.
  14. Configure policy-based Quality of Service (QoS).
  15. Perform diagnostics on the switch.
  16. Perform basic troubleshooting steps.

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Pažengusiems Kursas 5 dienos Krokuva, Varšuva, Vilnius

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A working familiarity with LAN concepts, including basic Ethernet and TCP/IP is required.


Attending this course provides knowledge required to take the Extreme Networks Associate (ENA) certification. This certification is necessary for ENS certification.

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